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    The Puzzle

    [note: this article was written before the 2003 declaration of war in the Gulf, but we feel that it is still worthy of a good read on the anniversary of the Invasion. BTW, if you really want to know the answer to the Puzzle and its realpolitik background, click here – ed.]

    Neil Giles is one of many sensitive and creative people who have become deeply disturbed by the current geopolitical turmoil. This turmoil is being generated by the very difficult aspects in the heavens as we write, particularly the transit of Uranus from Aquarius to Pisces and the stresses of other transits, the station of Saturn, the opposition of Pluto and especially Neptune in President G.W. Bush's Washington DC chart. Neil, among other things, is an astrologer and a medium of considerable ability. This article expresses the horror and puzzlement of many at the seemingly inescapable march of events.

    Over these last months, I have watched the rising threat of global turmoil, brought about by the obsessive campaign, stage-managed largely by America and Britain, that threatens to bring war to Saddam Hussein and to the soil and people of Iraq. During the course of this burgeoning storm, I was both concerned and puzzled by many things. However, as I watch the world arrive inevitably at a crisis desired by the few that will, in the end, engulf the many, I must report that few puzzles remain to me.

    I am no longer puzzled by the events of September 11th. This tragic loss, more than any other thing at least ostensibly, seems to have generated the current crisis. Yet I now know these events have a hidden and vicious truth, one that transcends any silly story of Osama the bad versus America the good, told to frighten children. This is a truth that may never be made known. It is a truth that would, were it pursued and uncovered with the same vigour with which the U.N. team is currently pursuing "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, shock the world. The shock would be over revelations of collusion and guilt that must accompany any analysis of a strike that can only have been, if not perpetrated, then at the very least assisted from within.

    To stand in balance with the losses on that day, we must also consider the deaths of more than eight million people in more than twenty countries since World War Two, deaths that have come as a consequence of non-sanctioned and illicit American terror and military activity. I am no longer puzzled that such facts are ignored in this debate since the truth of a difficult situation is often more than anyone can dare to reveal or bear to face. Equally, I am no longer puzzled by the lack of proper questioning over the issue of the training and supply of arms received by Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden from the U.S. military since such evaluations are equally disturbing. And, put together, these two points lead us all to the conclusion that, whatever our sympathies for the losses of all peoples involved, the U.S. is largely in a snare of its own devising when attacks come to the very doorstep of what was once its impregnability.

    I am no longer puzzled by the fact that madmen and butchers are allowed to take office in this world. While we sanction the desire for such power as George Bush, Tony Blair or Saddam Hussein can wield by failing to truly question the motives of those who want it, we get the government we deserve.

    I am no longer puzzled by the fact that the streets are not filled with people blocking the passage to war. For thus it is that the war mongers are free to pursue their greedy, selfish concerns and so it is that the globe of this beautiful earth is turned into a playground for insane desire. I am not puzzled because the passage of history teaches many things. Firstly, it shows us that the war mongers will turn their weapons on their own people rather than brook for one moment any demand for the practice of true leadership, the kind that comes only with respect for the needs and desires of one's community. Secondly, that selfsame history is littered with the doings of butchers who fill the stage with bloodshed and then depart, leaving the tasks of grieving and restoration to those who didn't know they had another choice.

    I am no longer puzzled by any of these things for I know within me that, no matter how remote or forlorn that such a hope may seem, peace will come to us all. Whether we know it or not, whether we want it or not, whether we seek it or not, we will all return to the peace from which we come. Thus, in the end, all duress will pass, everything we have thought important or irreplaceable will fade and peace will be the power that presides.

    The one thing that still puzzles me is this! Why on earth are these mythical weapons of mass destruction purportedly possessed by Saddam Hussein constantly referred to as "a smoking gun" by all and sundry? The metaphor of the "smoking gun" conveys the image of a weapon already used, the holder of same presumed guilty by dint of possession. It does not convey that of a weapon to be used at some future time. Thus, the statement "smoking gun" might have a bearing on evidence against those directly involved with September 11th. However, it is now patently clear and admitted by all that Hussein had nothing to do with September 11th and no such evidence is being sought in Iraq. That piece of specious reasoning (the search for the smoking gun) once used to justify the threat of invasion has long since passed into the mists of time. So, why persist with this inane misuse of the language? We can talk about the oil, the water and the willingness to participate in the lie, but isn't it all just a little simpler than that? Isn't it just that we are afraid to tell George he's a nitwit, to tell him that he is the enemy of sane language as well as sane action! Are we afraid to mention that the use of the term "smoking gun" is every bit as misdirected and imbecilic as the "peace through war" strategy he continues to push down our throats? Are we now to descend to the very depths of the nine hells through stupidity as well as violence? Under the auspices of George Bush and the attendant media, are we doomed to view the twin mantles of ignorance and illiteracy as the robes of office and authority?

    Perhaps the last real puzzle is very simply solved after all. The idiocy of the stupidest president in history, the one with an I. Q. almost the equal of his inside leg measurement, is an infectious disease. This is a disease easily contracted by any individual who, even for a moment, takes him seriously, who for a moment buys into the "dumbing down" theory of human life and culture! I want leadership in my community to be a model I can aspire to, something that challenges me to reach high and grasp a wisdom I have not attained through the agency of words and concepts I must stretch myself to use and understand. I don't want to de deadened by the leaden view of consciousness that everything that can be said in twelve words of four letters or less is somehow of value, that only the information that can be obtained and explained in a matter of a few seconds has meaning.

    Are we now to write the idiot's guide to politics in blood, fire and the bodies of innocent victims? For this is the shining example we have to lead us into conflagration. George is the man who believes the vast majority of U. S. imports come from other countries (note the judicious use of the term "vast majority"). George is the man who knows one thing about Osama bin Laden, and this is that he is either dead, in Afghanistan or in another country. George is the man who knows the inhabitants of Greece are Grecian, just as he recognizes the inadequacies of the French language and its lack of a word to designate the "entrepreneur" in French commerce and society. And further to this, George is a man convinced that if you don't succeed, you run the risk of failure. He is a man prepared to stand by all of his misstatements. I know this for he made a statement to this effect within hearing of all those who could believe their ears. As he goes about the business of infecting the world with the disease of cretinous stupidity, more and more of us will become convinced of the inherent rightness of purpose and action within the man who knows it isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.

    We must consider that we, the world, by action or inaction, have given over the highest office in politics to a man who could fairly be adjudged incapable of coherent thought and speech. Did George himself not tell us that a low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls? So we must now face the consequences of our poor turnout. At every poll where the destiny of this man or those who support him was an issue, we missed an opportunity to say "no". And, it may not be, as George once assured us, that the future will be better tomorrow. Clearly it will not! We have idiots and butchers at the helm, surrounded by those who persist in seeing wisdom in stupidity, just as the fairytale once told us of a people who saw clothes on a naked king. And, it may also be that the great man himself will have the last word on the fate we have allowed him to create for us.

    "It's time for the human race to enter the solar system," said George W. Bush.

    Perhaps we will do so on the back of furious flames of the firestorm he is raising as he seeks to put to the sword the few shreds of peace that sane and intelligent people have been trying to hold onto. Or perhaps, for the first time in the long and bloody history of the West, we will do something else. It's up to us now.

    NB all references to the wit and wisdom of George W. Bush are quoted or paraphrased from his speeches.

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